VIP Drinks List

VIP Tables – Drinks List

Tables in our exclusive VIP lounge are available to book for groups of two or more every Friday & Saturday. From 10pm until 2am celebrate in style with a reserved table, or for a special occasion why not book our entire VIP area for you and your friends. (suitable for parties of between 18 and 22 guests)

A non-refundable deposit reserves your booking & guarantees your table until 10.30pm, and is credited to your table upon arrival.

Drinks for your table can either be pre-ordered for your arrival, or ordered as required. We offer a variety of bottle packages for your table, each including 14 regular mixers or 8 cans of Red Bull. Or if you prefer beer, why go to the bar when you can order a beer dispenser for your table?


Birra Moretti 35 Pt 4.6%, Italy

For parties of 18 and over, a thirty five pint dispenser of Italy’s favourite beer at your table cuts down on trips to the bar, leaving more time to celebrate!



Gordons 70cl 37.5%, England

Established in 1769 and the world’s best selling gin. The juniper is predominantly in the nose, but well balanced with fresh coriander notes, fresh citrus and spice backdrop on the palate.


Tanqueray 70cl 43.1%, England

Clear and pungent, with citrus and juniper aromas. Very flavoursome with a tart cut, snappy spice and alcoholic heat on the finish.


Tanqueray Ten 70cl 47.3%, England

Sublimely fresh with depth and a complex flavour with a mouth-feel that can only be described as unctuous, Tanqueray No. 10 is highlighted by flavours of grapefruit, orange and lime and mellowed by juniper and camomile.


Hendricks 70cl 41.4%, Scotland

Handcrafted gin with traditional botanicals, juniper, coriander, and citrus peel but the special infusion of cucumber and rose petals creates a unique and unexpected flavour.


Bombay Sapphire 70cl 40.0%, England

Unlike other gins which boil their botanicals with the spirit, the Bombay spirit is distilled alone. To achieve the unique flavour, the spirit passes through the botanicals in vapour form. This allows each delicate aroma to be fully absorbed. The result is a complex, yet subtle taste sensation.



Bacardi 70cl 37.5%, Puerto Rico

Due to Bacardi Superior Rum’s perfectly balanced taste it was used by cocktail pioneers as the principle ingredient in the birth of the world’s best known rum cocktails including the Mojito (1860s), later featured in the 1931 book called Cuban Cookery, the Daiquiri (1896), and the Cuba Libre (1900)


Captain Morgan, Spiced 70cl 35.0%, Jamaica

A blend of golden rum, natural flavours and mellow spices that is guaranteed to get you going.


Havana 7, 70cl 35.0%, Jamaica

A blend of golden rum, natural flavours and mellow spices that is guaranteed to get you going.


Havana Especial, 70cl 40.0%, Jamaica

The aguardientes of this ‘anejo especial’ are aged in oak barrels, giving it a remarkable aroma and a warm golden glow.



Smirnoff, 70cl 37.5%, Russia

The number one Vodka brand, triple distilled for purity and quality.


Smirnoff Flavours, 70cl 37.5%, Russia

Choose from a selection of flavours from the world’s number one Vodka brand, triple distilled for purity and quality.


Smirnoff Blue Label, 70cl 45.0%, Russia

The super-premium of the Smirnoff family offering quality and strength.


Ciroc Blue, 70cl 40.0%, France

At the heart of this unique vodka are carefully selected grapes grown high in the Gaillac region of France. Ciroc is distilled five times to produce exquisitely smooth vodka.


Ciroc Red Berry, 70cl 37.5%, France

A unique balance of fresh wild raspberry and luscious ripe strawberry essences.


Ciroc Peach, 70cl 37.5%, France

An inspired vodka distilled from the finest French Ugni Blanc grapes and infused with refreshing peach flavours.


Ciroc Coconut, 70cl 37.5%, France

Ciroc Coconut flavoured vodka has a creamy sweet coconut taste with hints of tropical fruit and a silky finish.


Grey Goose, 70cl 40.0%, France

The origins of Grey Goose lie in the Cognac region of western France, a natural home for the World’s Best Tasting Vodka.


Whisky & Bourbon

Bells Original, 70cl 40.0%, Scotland

The unique flavour of Bell’s Blended Scotch Whisky comes from some of the finest malt whiskies in Scotland – from the fresh, sweet malts of Speyside to the smoky sea salt of the Islands – all matured in selected oak casks for a richer flavour.


Jack Daniels, 70cl 40.0%, USA

This rare, sippin’ whiskey is made at the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee, using pure cave spring water and a unique mellowing process perfected by Jack Daniel in 1866.


Southern Comfort, 70cl 35.0%, USA

The excitement and vibrancy of New Orleans is what attracted bartender Martin Wilkes Heron. In 1874, he decided that the home of Mardi Gras deserved a smoother alternative to the harsh whiskies from Kentucky and Tennessee.



Martell VS, 70cl 40.0%, France

The iconic Cognac that is Martell, founded in 1715 and is produced from grapes from the Borderies region of Cognac ensuring a more nutty taste than other Cognacs.



Disaronno Amaretto, 70cl 28.0%, Italy

Original since birth, Disaronno is the Italians best selling liqueur around the world. Smooth, velvety and full of almond aromas, Disaronno is made from herbs and fruits steeped in crushed apricot kernel oil.